Student Government Association

Aids all students, faculty, and staff members of Elon University

I currently serve as the president of the sophomore class and the chair of the public relations committee. Last year, I served as the president of the freshmen class and as a member of the special events committee. I enjoy serving my constituents and always look forward to finding new ways to help or improve their time at Elon. As president of the Class of 2013, I organize a class meeting that informs students of study abroad, internship, and off-campus housing opportunities. The meeting is very helpful to all students when planning their junior and senior years at Elon. As chair of the public relations committee, I organize video updates featuring the executive officers, create digital advertisements and posters, and notify Elon about what SGA truly is and does.

The Pendulum

Elon University’s student-run newspaper

I am currently a senior reporter at Elon’s student-run newspaper, the Pendulum, and write weekly news articles featuring Elon, the Town of Elon, or world news. As a member of the organization, not only do I write weekly stories, but I also attend weekly budget meetings and complete 2 office hours a week.

Phi Mu Fraternity

Founded March 4, 1852

I was initiated as a member of Phi Mu Fraternity on March 11, 2010. I was elected as the president of my pledge class and the co-chair of the public relations committee upon initiation. I attend weekly chapter meetings and enjoy doing work with our philanthropy, Children’s Miracle Network. Phi Mu organizes quite a few philanthropy events a year in order to provide money and aid to Children’s Miracle Network. I look forward to running for a position on next year’s executive council in order to help my organization be the best it can be.

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