Multimedia Storytelling

Glen Marie Winery

A small family run business in Burlington, North Carolina (view story)

Glendale and Joyce Marie Dickey, residents of Burlington, North Carolina, opened a winery upon retirement. I traveled to the winery to learn more about the wine making process. I was able to see their vineyard, the winery, and learn more about the types of grapes they use and what kinds of wine they produce. I used a Canon Powershot S3 to take photographs of my surroundings and a Marantz audio recorder to interview the Dickeys. The audio was edited in Final Cut Pro, while the photographs were added in Sound Slides Plus in order to create the video story.

A Day in the Life of a Starbucks Barista

A typical encounter between a customer and employee (view video story) (view photo story)

What does it take to make a Starbucks coffee? Find out here. This story takes a look into each step the barista takes after taking a customer’s order at the world’s largest coffeehouse company. I used a Canon G9 to take photographs of the customers and employees at Starbucks and Final Cut Pro to record the audio heard in the video project. The photos were added in Sound Slides Plus in order to create the video story, while the photos were uploaded in a SimpleViewer Gallery in order to create the photo story.

A Day at the Car Wash

How to clean a Ford F-150 (view story)

What materials do you need to clean a large truck? Countless quarters, lots of soap, water, and tire cleaner. I followed Evan Davis, an Elon University student, to Little Donnie Walker’s Car Wash in order to see how he cleans his truck on a weekly basis. I used a Canon Powershot S3 to take photographs and Adobe Photoshop to edit them. I then produced the photo story in a SimpleViewer Gallery.

The Six Elements of Design

Photos capturing color, form, pattern, shape, texture, & lines (view story)

The six elements of design are imperative to remember when taking photographs. One afternoon, I walked around Elon University taking photographs of different objects, buildings, and plant life that I felt well-represented these elements of design. I edited the photos in Adobe Photoshop and produced them in a SimpleViewer Gallery.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Mastering the art of Photoshop with the help of online tutorials (view story) (view story)

If you want to learn how to reduce fat or change the color of a car, look no further! I watched online tutorials and then completed work of my own after following the directions given. Click on the links above to see how I used Photoshop to alter photos in unique ways!

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